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-   ABOUT US  -

The name of our Company is J&E’s Bored N’ Saucy. J & E represent our names, and our
partnership, both in life and in business.
“Bored N’ Saucy” has it’s own backstory.

We started playing with sauce and recipes in the summer of 2017. 
Jeremy loves spicy food but craves a unique flavour that is hard to find in your standard grocery store sauce section.
Being a very humble cook, Elissa knew she had the skill and imagination to make a sauce that would put any sauce she could find in a store to shame. And so it began, Sweet Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce was born!
It started as a hobby, and quickly became a full on, SAUCY, messy and completely wonderful home operation. We were making BBQ sauce and marinades for ourselves and for our friends and family who couldn't get enough of it either.


Here comes the BORED:

In November of 2017 "J" was deployed overseas.
Despite having two kids, two dogs, a sassy
orange cat and a job to keep her busy, "E" still felt like a piece of her was missing.
A feeling that only went away when she was creating a new kick ass flavour.

They both realized quickly that this was something they had to pursue, and later brand.

J&E's Bored N' Saucy 

“Bored” came from our aforementioned situation, and “Saucy” has two
obvious connotations. The first being the Sauce itself, duh... and the second, is a little more tongue in cheek,
which is exactly  who we are.
 We make good food, real food, spicy food, flavour lovers
food— we are [obviously] hilarious and a little (too?) sarcastic. 
“E” should have been before “J”,  because, ladies first, right? But unfortunately,  It doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well, so J&E’s  it is.
 To be fair, J is our Business Man, and E would be completely lost without him. 

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